Monday, June 21, 2010

Felt & Silk Paper

Thank you to everyone who sent lovely comments about my wall hanging - when you're riddled with self doubt its very uplifting to have positive feedback, so thank you !
I'm still working like mad on the paperwork side of the module and hope to get it all done by Wednesday so that I can go to Brisbane for the weekend and enjoy the Textile Fair over there (and not forgetting catching up with hubby).
All I have to do now is my samples and designs for the set of accessories.  I spent all day Sunday making silk paper and wool felt, which I hope to be able to use in my design. 
I like the pieces I've created, especially as I'd never made silk paper before.  Its much easier than felt making, but stinks! must be the textile medium I used ... might try a different brand next time.
I thought I had HUGE pieces of felt when I was making them, so its funny to see how small they are when finished, oh well, should be enough to try and work some ideas for the accessory. 
Not sure that I could tackle a wall hanging in felt ... I think you'd end up with arms like Arnold Schwarzenegger after all that rolling!!!