Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Art A'peel Exhibition

I had one of the most enjoyable mornings in a long time on Saturday when I attended the textile group "Art A'peel's" Textile and Fibre Art Exhibition at Madora Bay.
I've only just found out about this group and added to the joy is that they're right on my doorstep - now how much better can it get? 
Well, it can get better, because I felt so at home from the moment I walked into the hall and met Jill at the front desk, then met many of the other ladies in the group and found them to be a wonderful bunch of friendly and fun women. 
Many times I've gone to exhibitions, walked around, had a look, then out the door and home again, but not this time.  I chatted, laughed, learnt things and even had a delicious mug of home made soup. I could've stayed all day.
The work on display was so inspiring, and along with the display of their individual works was a lovely focus on Bastille Day and all things French. 
There was such an huge variety of work from framed textile pieces, to scarves, to bags, to felted vases ...

 ... clothes made from a multitude of different textiles, all vibrant and tactile ....
 ... and demonstrations to whet your appetite and get those creative juices flowing ....
 .... not forgetting the "art to wear" display.  This one is Dixie's floating cloud piece - mind boggling when you look close at all the tiny beads that join each twist in the fabric.

I was so taken with the ladies and the standard of work, that on my way home I grabbed an application form to join them.  Keeping my fingers crossed they will have me!