Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Six years in the making

It's only taken me 6 years to make this crocheted blanket.  No, I'm not the slowest crocheter in the world, but I might be the dumbest. It's always best to make sure you have enough wool before you start a project.
I started it in 2006.  I had a breast lump scare and spent 7 hours in the clinic sitting with lots of other frightened ladies, and I started this blanket as a way to pass the time and take my mind off a terrifying day. Whilst we all sat there in our gowns watching the clock tick slowly and a world of worry on our minds, I frantically twisted and turned my hook and wool and focused on the blanket instead.  
I made great headway and achieved a good size by the end of the day, when I luckily walked out with good news that it was benign. The blanket was then tucked away for a year or two. Occassionally I'd get it out and do some more until I ran out of wool. Only then did I find out they no longer make this wool. No matter where I looked I couldn't find any, and it was just a long thin piece of nothing.
So ... another couple of winters went by where I spent hours and hours unravelling it and winding it into balls, only to start it again, but this time not as wide. After finishing my C&G course this year I had spare time and also needed something to keep me warm, so I really got stuck in and finished it.  Its a good size for a throw over the sofa and is lovely and thick and warm. It was hubby's idea to add a scallop on the edge and I'm happy he suggested it, as it really finishes it off.
I've never read a crochet pattern in my life, as I can't make head or tail of them, but I did learn as a child how to do the basic stitches and used to make afghan blankets - this time I just went up and down, instead of round and round, so easy and very therapeutic. Now for the next project.