Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Not enough hours

I've decided not to bore you silly with any more posts about my Singapore holiday, other than to share this lotus flower with you.  It was next to the pool and I could see it from my apartment window, so each day I would go down and photograph its progress, from bud ... 
to starting to open ....
... to revealing its beauty ...
... to fully opening for the world to see.
Then no sooner had it done this, than it was chopped off by the gardener and disappeared! 
Since being back, life has been hectic.  We have the house on the market, so its busy, busy, busy keeping on top of chores to keep the house/garden clean and tidy, as well as starting to pack up boxes to declutter.  Then of course there's been the days where we've sat glued to the tv, crying silently, watching the devastation we've suffered in the first 6 weeks of the year, from floods to bushfires.  Queensland is a place I've fallen in love with and its been hard to comprehend what its gone through recently, I just hope it bounces back to its former glory.  Then locally we've had too many bushfires, destroying homes and peoples lives.  The latest at Kelmscott/Roleystone took 72 homes.  Yesterday me and my parents went to the Wacky Witch, Kelmscott and donated clothes and kitchen ware, tv's and food for the people who have lost everything.  The people at Wacky Witch are doing an amazing job, so if you want to help, please visit their facebook page for details:

In January I was invited to do another talk on my Chinese textiles, this time at the South Perth Collectors Club ... thank you to everyone there for making me feel so welcome, I thoroughly enjoyed the night and meeting you all.
I've also been running private classes for Linda, who wanted to learn my stumpwork Viola.
We had two lovely Saturday mornings together, chatting and becoming friends, here's Linda trying to focus her eyesight on cutting out the tiny stumpwork flowers.
Two days ago I got an email from School of Stitched Textiles to say they'd received my CD of Module 10, so now I sit patiently waiting for the feedback.  Always a nervous time.  I seem to have spent months just getting the documentation together and there's never much to blog about when I'm putting that together.
Now it's full steam ahead on Module 11.  I've managed to do Sample 1 which is 6 blocks of pulled thread work in traditional style ... hell on the eyesight!!!!!  Next is an experimental sample.
And yesterday my latest ebay purchase arrived in the post .... a Constance Howard book, and one which I would've been better off purchasing PRIOR to starting  my City and Guilds .... this covers everything, and is brilliant for inspiration.  Just got to find the time to sit and read it in peace.
I've also been inspired by Carol's zentangles at, so decided to have a go myself.  Great fun and I can see me doing more of this.  Give it a go!
Once you start it you can't stop and time flies by.  Great relaxation. 
And of course I've also been spending time with my grandchildren.  Here's my little granddaughter helping me water my pot plants, so cute, so pretty and yet ....
... you wouldn't think this was the same child.
This is sometimes how I feel after a busy day!