Saturday, May 29, 2010

It's done !

Yes, it's done!  Finally!  The wall hanging is complete.  65 hours and many bars of chocolate later .... but, I am pleased with it.  I like the colours and the balance.  I know its quite representational, but ... that's me!

This is my piece that contains mostly hand stitching, and boy ... was there a lot of it.  So hopefully the next assignment will be quicker with more machine stitching.
My source was Anglo Saxon & Viking metalwork and art, so I used colours that were muted as their fabrics would have been rustic and woven.  I've used rusted osnaburg as a backing fabric with a wool plaid as the main ground fabric, with purple/blue and gold to represent the wealth of the kings who acquired the fantastic metal work that inspired me.
It's then secured to a length of jarrah wood with black upholstery tacks, and hung by two hooks and a black chain. 
I'm now just tallying up the cost of it, and finalising the instructions to make it and then I can sit back and catch my breath.  Next step .... design a set of accessories.
Since the last post I did attend the Craft Fair at Perth Convention Centre last week.  I go every year and am always waiting to be bowled over by something new and exciting, but it seems there's just nothing new out there.  Have we been saturated with craft, or is it just me ?!  Where's all the embroidery and textile work?  Years ago you used to see lots of hand stitching and heirloom work ... where's it all gone?
I'm hoping to go to Brisbane in June to attend the Textile Fair over there.  Unfortunately its not coming to Perth, so it means a 5 hour flight ... hope its worth it.  I'm hungry for idea's and stimulation.  Thank God for the internet!!


  1. It's beautiful! I had envisaged a much more symmetrical design (no idea why - perhaps I'm that kind of person) and I love the different parts and lines and movement in it - especially all the knots - they've come out so well.
    Surely it must be time for another bar of chocolate as a reward to yourself for finishing? xx

  2. Well done - it's all come together and looks great. I know what you mean about the lack of embroidery. I feel everything is too product-based and we all need to ensure the skills don't die out.

  3. Congratulations on finishing. it looks great and i love the colours (hope you didn@t get any chocolate on it!!!!

  4. Arhhh the internet is a wonderful thing! I find lots of ideas there and in the far to many books I own!
    The wall hanging looks great, I did Viking Art with my year 3 class this year and they made tin foil celtic desin brooches, they loved it!

  5. What an absolutely wonderful wall hanging, I love it. I hope you get to the Textil Fair - I went last year and found so many ideas. My sister and I are returning this year - we don't have to travel as far as you! I expect I will come away with my head spinning again - and my purse considerably lighter! Cheers, Robin

  6. Thats absolutely beautiful. And might the brown and purple be chocolate reference?!!
    Now I know why you are called 'Thimble fingers' all that handstitch must have made them sore. I just wanted to thank you for your comment and I had to come here but I'm glad I did.

  7. Hi Julie,
    Thanks so much for your good wishes and yes we did open up the bubbly!
    Beautiful hand stitched work.x

  8. Such a beautiful piece! I'm sure it's stunning in reality with all those textures.