Friday, November 5, 2010

Tassels, braids, cords and buttons

No I haven't fallen off the face of the planet ... I've been in hibernation trying to get Module 10 finished. Well ... that's not exactly true, I have been working at this module as much as possible, but also been running around doing loads of other things and haven't had any spare time to blog, or read anyone else's blogs for that matter, so I do apologise for the lack of comments.   I plan to sit and read through the last months chit-chats as soon as I can.
I thought this module would be a breeze and wouldn't take long.  You'd think I would have realised by now that this is never the case!  They always take longer than expected.
This module is all about cords, braids, edgings, trims, buttons, beads and tassels, so lots of samples for each.  I think I spent a week just trying to work out the explanation for finger cords, then finally found a great video on You Tube which helped, and then you couldn't stop me, I was finger cording every type of yarn I could find.  Great fun!
The past week has been all about mounting them up for presentation and recording purposes.  I'm a bit fickle about it and like them all done uniformly ... yes! anal, I know! 
 I've only included a small selection of my samples, otherwise I'd bore you silly.  Some of my favourites are the buttonhole rings, stitched on a hedebo stick that my dad made me from a broom handle .... great for me, but now mum has to bend over to do the sweeping, LOL!
(for some reason blogger won't put this photo the right way around ... sorry)
One of my all time favourites from my samples is the one below.  We are required to incorporate the cords and braids with machine made laces and cords to create a decorative edging.  This one reminds me of something Elizabethan.  It just evolved on its own and is made from machine cording over black electrical flex and twisted cords with lace and beads.
 My second favourite is this plum piece.  I wove the two straight edge braids wider than the two intertwined ones and then stitched them together and added spacers.  I think it would make a lovely shoulder strap for a dress.
 After all this braiding and entwining I decided to just do an artistic piece to see what it would turn out like .... as it is, I quite like it.  Haven't a clue what it represents but I like the flow and colours.
 I think I made about 13 tassels even though it only called for 8-10 samples. 
I enjoyed making them and then the more I made the more ideas came into my head.
You've already seen the Dorset buttons previously, so sorry to repeat myself with photos. I found some great cheap DVD boxes for displaying and protecting them, so wanted to show you these.
The two buttons on the right side of the photo below remind me of a rastafarian hat .... must be the colours!
I had a lot of fun with tyvek, wire and embossing power making the beads/buttons on the left below, as well as the giant covered buttons - I laid loads of scraps of thread over aquabond, machine stitched over them and got a new hairy fabric.  The buttons look okay but I doubt they'd be very washable.
I'm still mounting up some of them and doing all the documentation side of things now, so that'll me head down and bum up again for the next month, but I'll blog again as soon as I can.


  1. I'm speechless Julie! Absolutely stunning!! You are certainly forgiven your absence from blogworld. Love it all but the display boxes were a supreme lightbulb moment. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Glad to have you back blogging Julie. I'd just discovered your blog when you went "off the air". I'm glad that your lovely work and not some accident/illness/every-one-demanding-time didn't keep you away from your blog. You must be very pleased with your work for this Module. I do like your DVD box storage - I find mounting C&G samples so they don't take up too much room in my small house a constant headache. Well done!

  3. I love the rings and the tassels, you have been so busy! I'm struggling to blog at all or keep up with following but it's nice to hear from you! xx

  4. I like you threadbuttons, so nice.

  5. OMG! what an inspiration blog. I love all the tassles, braids, cords and buttons (and everything else). I could study them for some time. more of these! thank you for visiting my student blog (OCA textile course) and commenting on my work. it is a very good feeling to have such an esteemed visitor make a comment on my feeble attempts at embroidery.