Sunday, April 3, 2011

Drawn, pulled and woven thread work

I thought I was making good progress lately - all I seem to do is sit and stitch at the moment, but I found out yesterday that the cut off date for this year is first week of May.  I have to finish Module 11 and complete all of 12 by then ... somehow I don't think I stand a chance of finishing this year.
I've finished the traditional pulled thread sample, drawn thread sample (above) and needleweaving sample (below) and I'm half way through the cutwork sample.  Then have the experimental samples and my set of accessories to do.  There just isn't enough hours in a day at the moment!!!!!
I went to the city last week to find a special birthday present for hubby and decided to pop into a technical book store (as you do) found Janet Edmond's book "From Print to Stitch" and Cas Holmes's "The Found Object" and JUST HAD TO HAVE THEM .....
 then a few days later happened upon a secondhand bookstore (honestly, it was by chance!!) and what did I find in there .... Gold!!! Yes, another Jan Messant book.  They are SO hard to find ... this one was in perfect condition, so I put it under my arm, then found "Inspired to Stitch" and put that under my arm ...
and then another find .... "Needlemade Laces".  By this stage I had to get to the cash counter before my hubby dragged me out of the shop.
Now I just need the time to sit and read them.  I have the new glasses ... just need the spare time. 

I found the hand sewing quite a strain on my eyes, after not doing fine work for a long time, so went to the optician for a checkup.  Two new pairs of glasses later ... I now have 5 pairs of glasses.  One for long distance, one for the computer, one pair of bifocals, one pair for sewing, and a pair of multifocals which my 2 year old grandson mangled and can only be worn if I develop a head like an alien.
I'm hoping out of all these pairs of specs I should be able to finish my needlework and be able to read my new books without getting mega headaches and boz-eyes ... just got to find where I put the damn things now. 


  1. I have a lovely picture of you in my mind with umpteen glasses strung around your neck!!! I'm only up to the pair for close stitching and a pair for the computer so far. Whoever said 'life begins at forty' forgot the bit 'to fall apart' in the middle.

  2. Sounds like you are making great progress, and those certainly were good finds in the bookshop. Keep at it - you WILL get there, and it is all worth it.

  3. Gorgeous samples. Very attractive in their own right. I bought Janet Edmonds' book a few months ago - it's really good isn't it? I've lent it to a friend at the moment. Trying to resist buying books but they are so tempting!
    Funny day today - sunshine and showers all at the same time. That's England for you I suppose.

  4. Your samples are beautiful, i admire your needleweaving in particular! i found it so fifficult to get even. like to know what you think of the found objects book

  5. What lovely work, Julie! Keep on going - as you say, the end is in sight. It's a pity there aren't more than 24 hours in each day I agree, but personally, I decided I'd rather do the rest of the course as well as I can, rather than as fast as possible - even if it does mean I miss this year's deadline too.

    I hope it works out so you feel satisfied - either way!