Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Experimental drawn thread work

 This past week I've managed to make some progress on my experimental drawn thread sample, and hope to have it completed by the end of next week.
I've used a scrap of fabric that I get from my local curtain shop - they let me have old sample books for free and the sizes of fabric in them are perfect for small design work.  I rust dyed this fabric a year or two ago when I first tried my hand at rusting.  I love the gold marks it leaves on the fabric.  This piece has two different panels of weaving throughout the fabric - one is a more open weave than the other, making it easier to withdraw the threads.
I've used browns, golds, and creams in keeping with the rust colour in the fabric, and also added strips of leather, and some beads for a bit of bling.  I knew those gold beads would come in handy one day - I must've had them over 10 years , I think they came off an old blouse or bag that fell apart, it's been so long I can't remember now.  Just goes to show you never throw anything out, they'll always come in handy one day.
It's quite a fine piece and as usual, a strain on the eyes.  I didn't do a design to start with, as I like just letting the design evolve on it's own, but it's knowing when to stop evolving that's the hard part. 


  1. This looks beautiful. I love the rustic colours and delicate beading. You are very talented.

  2. really beautiful!

  3. Hi Julie, thank you for the lovely comments about my Bridget Riley work. It's funny because until a few months ago I had not heard of her either, and in all my research I kept coming across phrases like 'Britain's Best Known Artist'! I look forward to seeing your latest creations soon, and I hope you are having a good, creative week. :-)

  4. This is gorgeous - would like to see the whole piece!
    Thanks so much for your kind comments.