Friday, September 30, 2011

Mini wall hanging

Its funny how you always find the right things when you're not looking.  I was walking Bonnie a few weeks ago and found this chunk of wood in some mulch around a tree she was sniffing at, and instantly liked it. 
I'd been getting frustrated how I could finish off my experimental drawn thread piece and then like magic, I found the wood and knew it would work perfectly for me. 
I have to say I'm glad this piece is finished, because it was really fiddly to weave the ends of the threads into the fabric, right, left and upwards, but despite that, it's turned out to be one of my favourites. 
 I can put the magnifying glass away now and give my eyes a rest. 


  1. See that has flow and direction and it's fabulous!

    I keep picking pieces of burnt, weathered gorse from the New Forest for the same use. I love the eye on yours and I'm sure Bonnie is a bit smug too.

  2. This is gorgeous Julie, it works so well with the natural wood. Please can I have your email address - did you get mine? It would be lovely to chat with you more. All your work is just so lovely and I think you are such an inspiration. Speak soon, Sarah

  3. Julie, this is a handsome piece - very beautiful - and it WORKS.