Wednesday, February 1, 2012

No idle hands here

My first post for 2012. Even though I've been laying low and recovering from our horrid chain of events over Christmas I've not had idle hands, and have been busy creating.
When I was researching pulled thread work for my last module I remembered a pulled thread work butterfly I'd stitched years ago in my weekly embroidery group and wanted to stick it in my notebook as reference, then during the rummaging I came across a table runner I'd started yonks ago but hadn't finished.
Sometimes at night I just like to sit and stitch something that I can pick up and put down at any time without too much brain-drain and this was perfect, so I decided to finish it - then went on and made two smaller doillies to compliment it.
Each was edged with 3 rows of four-sided stitch then two rows of reverse scotch stitches with a little zig-zag on the corners to break it up a bit.  It was a bit hard on the eyes, but I enjoyed it and was a bit lost when it was finished.  I enjoyed the rythm of the stitching and it took my mind off  everything else at the time.
Another thing I've had a go at is making clothes again, something I've not done for over 20 years, but I've started slowly with a few dresses for Lexie.  This is the first one which wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be.  Just hope Lexie likes it - she goes through phases of not wanting to wear dresses, so I'm hoping she's over that!   I'm half way through another one now - I know its not City and Guild stuff, but its getting me back into the swing of things if nothing else.
During the Christmas/NY holidays I dragged hubby to the WA Museum, as they had an exhibition on of artefacts from the British Museum, and one in particular I was really keen to see - the Snettisham Great Torc.  I'd studied Anglo Saxon jewellery for one of my earlier modules and just fell in love with their skills and artwork, and couldn't believe my luck at the chance to see this torc. It was stunning!  Unfortunately I was only allowed to take my wee camera in and it didn't take the most brilliant of pics.
Another great item was the Lewis Chess Set, well, only one piece of it really - but I loved it.  It fascinates me about the people who made and used these things. 
I really fancy stitching this wee man one day - another project to add to my list of things I hope to live long enough to do!!


  1. So pleased to see you are back in the swing of things again and that the creative juices are flowing! So glad you are back in blog-land too :-) I have missed your updates. I love the table runner and the dress is gorgeous, I am sure Lexie will love it. xx

  2. So nice to see a post from you, I haven't managed since Christmas! I love your pulled thread work there's something really beautiful about the repetition and consistency of the stitches. I'm in a knitting phase as the shop where I work has just started stocking wool and the manager and I are busy trying to make samples up! Lots of love to you xxxx