Monday, September 10, 2012

100th post

I originally started this blog as a way to document my city and guild embroidery course and to meet fellow students, and it was pure happenstance that my 100th blog post should come around right at the same time that my C&G certificates arrived.

How’s that for timing!?

I can’t begin to explain how I feel at the moment.  Getting the certificates was the final icing on the cake – it all feels real now.  But even that last little thing didn’t come easy.

I don’t know what the postman/post office was doing but my certificate took 4 weeks and 3 days to arrive by AIR MAIL from the UK.  Why is it that your bills can arrive within a day of being posted yet it’s always the really important urgent stuff that gets delayed. 

I have a constant battle with my post office – my post man doesn’t understand what DO NOT BEND means.  He drives me to near rage.  I subscribe to the Inspirations magazine, which as many of you know, can only be purchased through subscription now, creating a roller coaster of anger and frustration between me and the postman.  On the label of the magazine it clearly states in big red letters DO NOT BEND about 3cm above my name and address, yet what does he do?!  Yep, he bends it.  But when its bent the magazine is then thicker than the opening in my letter box, so he forces it through, which in turn scores the magazine and leaves every page with a jagged crease mark down the centre.   If he lent over off his motorbike he could open the flap in the back of my letterbox and place the magazine inside without damage, but this is too difficult.

The first time it happened I complained and got a refund from the PO, although it took 4 months!  The second time I complained the PO told me they don’t do refunds.  I suggested a newspaper tube on the side of the post box but the PO said legally they weren’t allowed to put mail in there, and the same applied to just laying the magazine on the top of the letterbox.  So apart from lying in wait every day and ambushing the postman, I’m afraid I’m beaten.

And this problem led to much panic about my long strived for certificate.  I couldn’t bear it to be creased and damaged, so I requested it be sent in a tube, which SofST kindly did, so what does the PO do this time – make me wait, anxiously, for four and a half weeks to get it.  Aaarrrgghh!!!!!  I was at my wits end by the time it arrived, but now, at last, I can finally relax, take a deep breath and contemplate whether or not to tackle the Diploma.  What do you think?


  1. Wow they look so impressive in those frames, it's funny isn't it how two pieces of paper can represent years and years of hard work. I'm so gald they finally arrived and in one piece! I can see why you were so frustrated with the post office, how annoying that they are so unhelpful. As for the D word, of course you HAVE to do it. I guess it's more a case of when! xx

  2. What a horrid postie! Can't you complain at a higher level?

    Glad they arrived safely now though and of course the diploma would be good!

  3. Congratulations on getting the certificates.I agree you DO have to do the Diploma! The postal service seems to be the same the world over, so annoying......

  4. I took a break after my certificate but I do recommend the diploma, I am having fun! 'Distant stitch'!?

  5. Congratulations - now it's official & you have your certificates at last. A great acheivement.
    Thanks for your comment - I'm fine now.

  6. Well congratulations! Its such hard work maybe it would be a good idea to let the dust settle a little between this course and the diploma?I'm so pleased your niece liked her's a bit nail biting isn't it?

  7. Congratulations on getting your certificate. It's a huge achievement, and you must me buzzing with the sense of satisfaction. I thoroughly enjoyed doing the Diploma through School of Stitched Textiles and I'd recommend it to anyone. Gail was a fantastically supportive tutor, and I learnt such a lot. My only other comment would be that you have got to really want to put the hours in - or you'll be 95 before you finish! If you're prepared for the commitment, it is very rewarding.