Thursday, December 18, 2014

Pixie Shoes

Art A'peel's Christmas lunch was coming up early December and we were given the task of creating a "secret Santa" present.  The only stipulation was that it had to be in silver and white.
I immediately thought of the lovely pixie shoes designed by Annette Emms and published in the Stitch magazine, issue 70. I'd been wanting to make these for a long time and now seemed the perfect opportunity.
I dithered for about a week or more wondering how to make them "Christmassy", then found the two lovely snowflake embellishments and it all flowed from there on. 
So, with some silver dupion silk, white felt, silver and white beads, scraps of white net and the snowflakes I set about making them.  They only took a couple of days, with some therapeutic hours in the evening hand stitching the beads around the top to resemble snow, and voila they were done!
I loved making them, and was so pleased with the end result that I was a bit loathed to part with them, but I eventually did - with the vow that I will definitely be making some more in the future.
They measure about 12cm in length and about 4cm in height - or, if you're not very good on measurements, they fit in the palm of my hand.
Check out Annette Emms website and blog to see more of her lovely designs.  


  1. They are absolutely delightful Julie, I just love them!! They have such a feel of Christmas magic about them.

  2. Love them, so tiny to work on, whoever won them in the secret Santa is very lucky. Have a Great Christmas Julie and a Happy New Year!