Tuesday, July 7, 2015

April ATASDA - Sun Dyeing

Time has slipped away from me and I'm going to try and catch up with news on what's been going on with our ATASDA and Art A'peel groups as well as my own stuff.
In April our ATASDA WA group made the most of our sunny weather and had a day experimenting with sun dyeing.
Its amazing how fast it works! 
Within an hour we had amazing effects from the pieces we worked on. I hadn't realised prior to this, that you can do sun dyeing with watered down acrylic paints, but they worked brilliantly. 
I had such a lot of fun that I did more playing at home - there's no point in not making the most of all those stencils and experimental bits and bobs that I'd sourced, before packing them away again.
Anything can be used - twigs, leaves, buttons, stencils - anything works. 

I did experiment with Dyn-a-flow at home, as well as silk paints, and all gave good result. 
Would you believe the one below is created using round paper clips, washers and the smaller dots were made from dried lentils, yep, thats right, lentils. 
I raided the button box for this one, the only down side of this one is that the sun was low down at an angle so one side of the button print is a bit blurry - good lesson learnt - wait till the sun is up high.
I think this is my favourite, its created using a plastic stencil and mottled greens.  Just have to decide what to do with it to do it justice now. 
So don't be afraid to have a go at this technique, its fun and very quick, especially on a hot summers day.  Enjoy!


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  2. Oh they're all lovely! I've got the kit but it's still unused. Mind you having some sun would be a plus point.

    1. Its something I was always a bit nervous of trying, but its really very easy - you must have a go Amanda the next time the sun pops out, you'll love it.

  3. Wow it's such a simple technique and so effective!! I love them all, especially the buttons and the ivy leaves! Like you say so many possibilities. All we need now is some sunshine!!

    1. I thought it had to be quite technical, but its not - would be great if you had a theme or idea for the use of the finished product beforehand, whereas I was just playing. Any ideas what I can do with the green fabric?