Saturday, December 5, 2009

Transparent fabrics

The creative juices finally kicked in last week ... how long they'll last is another question.
I'm still working on Module 8 with transparent fabrics. This piece was created using black organza, home dyed vibrant green muslin and crystal organza. I adhered some circles of crystal organza and muslin between the layers of black organza, and then adhered some circles on the top layer of black organza.
From there I machine stitched swirls and circles on, or around. the adhered fabrics, in black thread, and continued the circle design by stitching groups of circles in the negative spaces of the black organza.
I finished it off with some hand stitching in running stitch using green DMC floss, running around the outlines of the circular stitching.
The photos don't show the vibrancy of the colours or fabrics, which is a shame, but it shines and sparkles lovely.
My family thinks its like something out of the sea, but it reminds me of the stars, so I've called it the "Cosmos".

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  1. This is lovely and I am sure it looks even more stunning in real life; I find it hard to get the colours to look right in my photos. I agree with you I think that it looks more like the heavens than the depths of the ocean although I think that sometimes the plankton can be phosphorescent.