Sunday, November 8, 2009

Machine Lace - Module 8

I've had a really productive past 2 weeks, knocking out loads of samples of machine lace and feel quite chuffed with myself. After hours and hours of practice I'm starting to enjoy free machining and feel like I'm finally getting the hang of it ...

This one (below) was made with squares of spun craft paper, laid on Aquabond and stitched together with metallic threads.

This purple piece is a piece of net fabric, and I've created the negative flowers by using a Shiva stick over a stencil, and then the free machined purple flowers are just pinned in place (at the moment!)

I liked working with the metallic threads and found they seem to hold together a bit better than the finer threads. I made these snowflakes using a silver metallic thread in the top of the machine and a white cotton in the bobbin.

I then had a go at cable stitch, putting a thicker thread in the bobbin and tried to work on a mesh fabric, but it just wouldn't work and kept jamming, so I changed the needle on the machine to a top stitch needle and put the thicker thread through the top of the machine and it worked a treat.

And on top of all this, I even managed to finish a Michael Powell cross stitch design for my sisters birthday, so all in all a very good fortnight .... just got to keep up the momentum now.


  1. Your machine Lace is very intriguing. I really like the white one with squares, as well as the green just above it.

  2. Hi thanks, its lovely to hear other people's comments. The silver square pieces was really easy to do especially using Aquabond sticky soluble fabric ... what a dream that is .. makes life so much easier.
    The green one I like a lot too ... I can imagine a whole top done in it, all lacy ... except I'd probably be 102 yrs old by the time I finished it!!!!
    What about yourself .... have you done much machine lace?