Saturday, July 10, 2010

Felted hat

I had my second attempt at making a felt hat on the weekend.  The first one was so awful I wouldn't dare subject you to it ... this one was a vast improvement, but I know I'm not there yet.  One of my items of accessories for Module 9 is a cloche hat, so I needed to see if I could make one before I submitted my design ideas.
After 2 months of hunting through libraries and the internet I found a few varying ways of doing it, and purchased a foam hat mould to help me.  I sat dry needle felting for about 3 hours one night until I could hardly move my arms, then wet felted it over a rubber ball the following day.  I used a hank of space dyed wool and had the great idea of enhancing the hat with some hand stitching, but I think I've made it look like a brain !!!!!  Like I said .... still room for improvement, but its enough to submit my ideas in my design plan.
We've had another storm come through Perth.  We used to get more rain than we've had in the past few years, but now we seem to have dry months with very cold temperatures and then WHAM - a storm.  As usual there were patios found in neighbouring properties, tree's down, and garden debris everywhere, but luckily we managed to escape the worst, except for another downfall of hail.
It wasn't as severe as the March hail storm, thankfully, but made the day very, very cold.  In fact I heard it was the coldest July day on record.  Good days for sitting and stitching.
That said, we've decided to redecorate the kitchen/dining/lounge, so I'm off to strip wallpaper.  The stitching will have to wait a week or two.


  1. The brain-made me giggle! it could be the world? or under the sea? but I don't think I am being very helpful here!
    I think your clever even trying to make a hat as it's a lot more than I could do-Hats off to you! (sorry couldn't resist that one!)

  2. Yes, I thought it looked like the earth from space - and there's nothing wrong with that. You've pickd a ral challenge there so good luck with it!

  3. Yes you're right ... I look like I'm wearing a planet .... DOH!! Oh well, it'll do for the gardening. More practice is needed .... onwards and upwards!!

  4. I do like the wavy edges of your hat, it looks very nicely felted, I don't think it looks like a brain and I do like the stitching - I've never tried either a hat or sewing the felt afterwards, apart from beading! I just can't wear hats at all without looking silly! xx

  5. I too had a giggle about the brain, but it is still a lovely cloche. I shall have to try and find myself a foam hat mould somewhere. I loved reading your pofile too.

  6. I think for a first time effort, your hat is simply wonderful! You can find the forms at:
    Much applause to you! and my vote is that the hat looks earth like, very nicely done!
    hugs across the ocean,

  7. Thanks Suzanne for your hat form, and if anyone else is interested in making a felt hat, please follow the link in "Hooked on Felt" comment above for Suzannes hat forms.