Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A day out

The other Sunday hubby and I decided to have a break from the decorating and took a run out into the hills.  We went to Serpentine Dam firstly, which is horrifying low on water, and had a cuppa and a cake.  However, two Japanese tourists next to us bought some bird seed to feed the local wildlife, and while it was amusing at first it soon turned into a scene from Alfred Hitchcocks "The Birds" ... the parrots came from everywhere.  They are very cute and cheeky and looked appealing when they sat on the table with us ...
but when they sat on the plate and you had to fight to get the cake in your mouth before they did, it soon lost its appeal, so we moved on.
We then went driving around Jarrahdale and came across the Millbrook Winery.  You can get nice lunches here but have to book, so I'm waiting for Spring to arrive then will go back and have a leisurely afternoon there.  It was a really beautiful setting, and very peaceful.
And I have a thing for statues.  I love how they age and discolour.  This one of Baccus was apparently shipped over from France.
Not sure whether these are plum trees, or apple trees or what, but the flowers were so pretty.
As we were leaving we spotted kangaroos coming into the vineyards and having a great feed on the growth around the vines.  It was dusk so they were coming out of the bush from everywhere .... we didn't want another scene like the parrots, so took our cue and headed for home.
Just at the gates leaving the vineyard we saw this big fella, and he kindly posed for us. 
Majestic heh?  They have amazing eyes and cute little faces ... I still can't bring myself to eat them.  I think Australia's the only country in the world who eat their national emblems.


  1. Oh dear Julie! what a thought-we would have to eat bulldog!
    I can see the appeal of the parrots and kangaroos and no I couldn't eat a roo either!

  2. What an amazing post. I love the kangaroo shot!

  3. When we went to the beach on holiday a seagull swooped down and snatched my eldest son's sandwich right out of his hand - the parrots are much more beautiful but I guess are just as much of a nuisance! xx