Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My studio

I often read of people wanting a workroom or studio of their own to work in, and I'm fortunate enough to have one.  It used to be a semi open area next to our pool but hubby turned it into a dedicated work room for me.  I'd completely out grown the spare bedroom, taken over the lounge room, covered the dining table, and was working my way through the rest of the house when hubby said "you need somewhere to work outside of the house environment" ... YIPPEEEEE!!!!!  (so that's how its done ladies!).
Its across the garden, so separate from the house.  I can feel like I'm going to work and switch my mind off from the housework.  Its a wonderful place to study, work and teach, but anyone who has a workroom will tell you - you soon find that the more space you have - the more you fill  it up.  As you can see above and below my studio is full to the brim despite having ample storage space ... I just keep buying more!  These photos are taken after I'd completed Module 9 ... its like I've pulled everything out of every drawer and just left it in my mad panic to complete my work.  Then I just walk away and shut the door for a week or two whilst I get my breath back.
As I'd started work on Module 10 I really needed to get in and have a good clean up so that I could concentrate (and find things), so last week I got in and sorted things out.  Notice how the filing tray just gets bigger and bigger though ... I loathe filing.
As least I can see my table top and have room to work on now ... how long it will  last is another thing.
I wish I was a more orderly person, but I'm just not.  I try hard, have the right ideas, but then I can't find where I've put anything - this usually applies to the more experimental materials, as I never know how to categorise them.  I do keep all my working hand threads sorted into boxes in colour groups and this works.
And I try and keep my machine threads sorted into colour groups in a portable set of drawers, than I can wheel around and have close to me when I'm using the machine.

I  like to have little motivational sayings dotted around to help me get back on track when I'm feeling a bit sorry for myself or lacking confidence.
But most of all, I just like being in there.  Its my own space, its full of all the things I love and it inspires me.  I hope your workrooms do the same for all of you.  I would love to read about them, so please do share.


  1. Your workroom looks just like mine!! Mine is also separate from the house and seems to expand or contract depending on where I am up to with my work. At present it is quite tidy but as I begin my next major piece it will shrink!!

  2. I also have a dedicated room of my own. I had to completely clear it out earlier this year as the roof was leaking and needed to be completely replaced!! I still have half my boxes in the barn. Occasionally I need something and go and get the relevant crate and put those things back, but at the moment it´s like having 2 rooms ;-).
    At the moment, due to the roof, I am on a tidy binge, well I was until I started this course,now I have work in the dining room and the lounge as well as my own room. Hubby hasn´t complained yet, but I´m just waiting for it. Sigh.

  3. Of course I will share my workroom with you as soon as it is built!
    in the meantime I will have to just carry on in the spare room/dining room/lounge/study!
    I like your idea of boxes of yarns in sets of colours.

  4. You ARE an orderly person! Oh boy what a great workspace. We English are crammed so tightly together in our little houses, there's no room to expand. Seriously, just think of all the lovely things you will make in your studio. Best wishes.

  5. What an amazing studio, I love it. I have a converted dark room shed up the garden as mine, and even though it doesn't have any natural light, it's still my sanctuary, where I keep all those disgusting design inspirations that would never be allowed in the house.
    Many thanks for dropping in on my blog, it's so nice to get feedback, my favourite was the collar too, till I started on the other pieces, hmmmmm.

  6. That looks so great - so spacious even if it is full! I wish I could put my wool away as neatly as you've got your things - it's stashed everywhere. In some ways I'd love a separate room but then I quite like working in the kitchen next to the family as well - good job since we can't expand into the garden just yet! xx

  7. What a lovely studio you have and believe me it's no messier than mine. Honest!

  8. All I can say is Wow!!!! oh and of course how jealous I am!

  9. Since doing the C and G all I have been going on about to my poor husband is 'one day I would like my own studio' so I am very envious to see yours, and filled with so, so many wonderful things! So far I have a craft cupboard which is overflowing and lots of sewing boxes etc. in various cupboards around the house. And Freya has her own small craft cupboard too...but for now I am still dreaming, and one day I will have my own personal, creative space. I live in hope!