Saturday, December 17, 2011

Someone's peeping

I'll just see if there's anything for me ...
Hhmmmm .... this one smells interesting
Oh oh!!  Busted!!!
Can't I just open one of them
What do you mean, eight more sleeps ??!!
Okay, I'll just wait then.


  1. That's so cute, he's so well behaved mine would have had the paper off and dragging it around the house! Thanks for your comments on my blog, You are right that lightbulb moment happened this week! Have a wonderful Christmas and a great New Year. x

  2. you look really organised and ready for the big day!!! Just off to get our tree today hope there's one left!

  3. Oh that face in the third from last photo! I'm supposed to be wrapping up today but I'm worried what will happen to wrapped presents if I put them under the tree with Leo and Monty at large, I've already had wrapping paper shredded and ribbon stolen and chewed up! xx

  4. Bless!!! Mine are just as well behaved only we are having a new addition this year. Could be interesting!