Sunday, July 15, 2012

Phew! she liked it

Well the quilt went down a treat - thank goodness!
The housewarming was a lovely, fun night.  Bec put on a great spread of gluten free food - all yummy stuff - and we all had a wonderful time, catching up with family and celebrating the move into her own new home - always a huge step for anyone.  And she loved the quilt.
What a relief!!
There's something undescribably pleasing about making something for someone who utterly appreciates the work and love that goes into it, and that makes it all worthwhile.
In fact, I got a few "ooooh, I'd love one too" comments - so who knows, I might be able to improve if I do a few more - but I think I'll have a break for a while and get back into my one true love - stitching (or at least until I find a good professional quilter)..


  1. Of course I love the quilt! It's beautiful and it means so much knowing it was designed and all stitched by you. I feel very lucky to have such a thoughtful, caring and clever Aunt! The quilt now has pride of place on my couch and it makes my apartment feel so much more warm and homely. I will treasure the quilt and hope to pass it on to my children too. Love you!

  2. How could she not like it? It looks lovely, what a wonderful thing to give and treasure.
    Sarah x

  3. looks lovely, it is nice when all your work is appreciated!

  4. Not surprised she loves her quilt! How thoughtful you are, Julie. Lovely work.

  5. Brilliant! What lovely pics of your niece, lucky girl to have such a beautiful heirloom, and of course such a wonderful aunt :-)

  6. What a lovely and lucky girl. It's nice that she appreciates your work. Thank you too for the reference tomCheryl Bridgart...I hadnt come across her before.