Thursday, February 4, 2010

2010 - I'm back!

I've been trying to blog for a month now ... where does the time go.  Christmas and New Year came and went in a blurr, as did January.  Packed up boxes of craft supplies and hubby drove across Australia to set up a new home in Victoria whilst he worked on a contract over there.  No sooner had we set up home than the job crashed ... and homeward bound were we.  I always said I'd never drive the Nullabor again, but some things you can't get out of.  So off to Victoria I flew, packed up the house and craft supplies and spent 3 days, 15 hrs a day, driving back across the country.  I now vow that I'm staying put and concentrating on getting C&G finished.  That's this years resolution.
I've been working with transparent fabrics, and this is a shadow applique .... shapes cut from a preprinted fabric and adhered to a base, then sandwiched between wadding and a layer of nylon net, and machine stitched around the shapes.
Another sample for this module was a lace fabric created from free machining on water soluble fabric. This design was based on fossils, all placed randomly next to each other.
More machine quilting .... this was trapunto, with some stippling.  I'm quite pleased with this one.
The last sample of applique and quilting ... as it was Christmas time, I HAD to create this!!

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  1. Wow, our country is so little in comparison.Love your fossil sample.