Sunday, February 21, 2010

With a little help ...

This week has been spent cracking on with Module 9 - Patchwork ... not one of my greatest talents.
The first sample was English piecing, so I matched a patterned fabric to a plain one, and came up with this .... I think I've pulled the stitches too tight though, and its puckered abit ... oh well, you get that!

Next, was strip piecing.  I did a smaller piece but the strips ended up all wonky and the measurements completely out of whak, so I started again on a bigger piece and carefully measured every one to make sure I was sticking to the measurements ..... so far, so good,
but by this stage I was in serious need of chocolate .....
.... and a few cuddles and purrs from my little fella ..... who always cheers me up.
Aren't the colour of his eyes just beautiful .....
... looking into them is always relaxing and lifts the spirit.
He's my special little boy Sammy and likes to supervise EVERYTHING, we call him Sammy the Supervisor.  Whatever we do around the house/garden he always does his quality assurance inspection over it afterwards, has a mutter, and stalks away, as if to say "it'll do".
What would life be without pets?

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  1. Sammy is such a beautiful cat! Archie is trying to supervise my felt-making by alternately bouncing on it or sleeping on it, I've had to make his a special felt-lined box to sit in nearby!
    Haven't done patchwork for years and years - I think I made a cushion when I was about 9! xx