Thursday, September 9, 2010

Mixed emotions

Everyone's lives are full of high's and low's and mine is no different.  Full of enthusiasm I cracked on with the noodle box.  The machine lace was hand tacked to the dyed purple fabric, then attached to pelmet vilene and cut to shape.  From there it was many hours of hand stitching blocks of straight stitches all over.  The inside lining of the box was the same without the machine lace.
Then the two layers were placed together and machine stitched at the bottom and around the edges.  All going well for a time - now its sat for 3 days waiting for me to stitch up the sides and complete it.   All enthusiasm went out the window after a death and funeral this week.
Then I got a "high" .... I decided to treat myself to a Dog Daisy Chain design.  I read Jackie's blog each week and have always loved her designs but recently one colour scheme in particular spoke out to me and I just knew I had to have it.  Its funky and fun and makes me smile.
Then yesterday I crashed back to "low" mood.  My precious little boy Sammy is in hospital and very poorly.
He's an old fella now, nearly 16, but has always been in good health and is the gentle-ist of souls.  My heart is in my mouth waiting to hear from the vets if he's going to be okay.  All thoughts of stitching and amusement have vanished whilst I wait patiently for him for come home and sit on my knee so I can cuddle him and smother him in kisses.


  1. Thinking of you as you wait for news of Sammy.

  2. Oh dear. I hope you have good news from the vets.

  3. Huge hugs winging their way to you Julie. I'll tell my catty mob to send purrs for Sammy too. Just take one step at a time. xx

  4. Hi from a fellow WA blogger. Hope it's good news for Sammy & you're feeling more creative soon.
    The box is looking good.

  5. Oh I'm so sorry to hear Sammy is at the vets, it's all too recently I went through this with Newton and I found it unbearable - couldn't settle to anything at all. I do so hope they can make him more comfortable and he can be home soon. And I do sympathise with your ups and downs, I've been very similar and have also had a death in the family recently. Lots of love to you xxxx

  6. Thanks so much for your message on my blog - I just wondered how Sammy was doing now - I am thinking of you as I know what a stressful time it is when they're ill.xx