Thursday, September 16, 2010

Spring has sprung

Winter came and went in a flash this year.  The amount of rain we had is hardly worth mentioning, but we did have extra cold nights and mornings.  Now Springs is here ....let the battle begin ....
In one corner is medium-weight fighter Thimble Fingers - in the opposing corner are: water restrictions, aphids, rose chomping parrots, clover and double G's, and mosquitoes.
Armed with every concoction the garden centre can stock I've been out there spraying, weeding, hanging CD's from trees (to scare aware the parrots who LOVE to chomp my new rose buds), fertilizing and clipping.  If I can get on top of it all now I might be able to sit back and enjoy Spring/Summer.


  1. Glad you have Spring over there. It sure is wet and cold here!

  2. Lovely images. We're drawing up our chairs nearer the fireplace and resigning ourselves to shorter days. It's definitely cooler this week. I like September, though. It's a time of change. Enjoy your Spring!