Saturday, November 26, 2011

Eleven down ... one to go

Finally, I completed Module 11 and sent it off yesterday for assessment.  I couldn't believe it'd taken me almost a year to do, which means I can't dilly dally with Module 12 as I want to get it all finished by cut off in May.
I can now show you some of the finished pieces I submitted.  This one above is my experimental cut work done with hand made felts.  Unfortunately the photo doesn't do it justice .  Its one of my favourite pieces.
Below is my experimental pulled work.  I used two layers of loose scrim and bamboo thread and randomly gathered the threads in a circular motion. 
I completed a notebook on all the techniques relevant to pulled work, cut work, drawn thread and needleweaving - which really come under whitework.  This is just one page of my notebook, on Dresden work.  I spent a long time too, researching museums and galleries - and was a bit peeved to find that there was a musem on Ayrshire work, just around the corner from where we were staying in Scotland a few years ago, and I didn't know anything about it. 
 And now for something completely different ... I couldn't help but include this photo I took of the little piglets at the Royal Show in October.  There's something really cute about those little bums .. and I did feel guilty the next time I ate bacon.
 We mainly went to the show to take some elderly friends to see the Clydesdale horses, but I couldn't help but disappear for an hour to view the craft section, and wanted to share some of the work I saw there.
This one won the contemporary embroidery and appealed to me because it was done with a lot of the Casalguidi techniques I like.  It was stitched by Geraldine Peterkin.
And this one won first prize in the "Any Category" and 2nd prize for the Overall Exhibition in Embroidery at the show and its no wonder, its beautifully stitched and looks just like a photograph.  Its created by Mary Pearson in free machine embroidery.  What I would give to be able to stitch like that!!
 Before we finally left for the day I had to have a peep at the cats and dogs, and fell in love with this gorgeous cat who's the mascot for the Swan Animal Haven.  I love the way she's got her paw on the collection tin ... how could you resist heh?
So now its a breather for a day or two, and then into sorting through the past 6 years of work and making sure everything is in order and putting it all together. 


  1. I love your pulled thread work, so delicate. It's always hard to get a really good photo of felt, I sometimes get comments from my online customers saying the actual thing they've bought is so much nicer than the photo and I think thank goodness it's not the other way round!
    I came across quite a lot of antique lace at my mums but I don't think it's any particuar type of work, when I get round to the drawer of linens I'll try and take some photos to show you xx

  2. Congratulations on finally submitting module eleven, a real achievement and you are so near the finish line! Your samples are beautiful and I love the pink felt one in particular. Your note book is presented beautifully too, I know just how long these things take! What a shame you missed out on the museum when you were in Scotland, how frustrating. Enjoy your few days of well earned rest and let me know what feedback you get. Good luck with starting module 12 and I look forward to your next post soon! X