Wednesday, November 30, 2011


My set of accessories for Module 11 were a felted hat and woollen shawl.  I'd only ever made one hat before (remember the "brain" hat in a previous post ... or as some thought - a world globe on my head!!) and was a bit nervous about making another but I'm happier with Take 2.
This is my lovely daughter in law, Jess, modelling the accessories for me.
I based my design on Module 2 - Shape.  The requirement for that module was to find industrial shapes, and my favourite was this pile of sea containers. 
Which progressed into this collage .... I do like simplicity!

It took me ages to decide on a set of accessories, as I wanted something I could wear that was artistic and creative, without looking like a Zandra Rhodes look-alike.  I'm not one for outlandish fashion and wanted to make something that was going to be functional and not just an assessment piece that would be shelved after the course.
I found some lovely poly/wool fabric that had a nice drape and feel about it, and appliqued purple and green cotton and spandex fabrics to it, then machine stitched around the squares.
I made tassels in the same way for the edge of the shawl, but wish now I'd appliqued both sides of the tassels.
The hat wasn't as difficult as I'd expected and the shape came out more or less as I'd hoped.  The hardest part was machine stitching the applique pieces over the rounded shape ... a bit awkward.
I needed a model in a hurry to get my instructions typed up, so popped around to our sons house and caught Jess on the hop.  She was a rather reluctant model, but I think she was perfect.
If I were to make the articles again, I think next time I would try and felt the shawl myself, so that both items are made of the same material, but I'm not sure I could manage all that rolling of something so big.
Now I've got to wait 6 months until winter comes around again to be able to wear my pieces.


  1. Fabulous pieces and totally wearable! And Jess is adorable and should in no way be reluctant! Bless her.

  2. Wow, I love it! The design is simple but very effective and lovely detail. What a brilliant design source. Maybe we could share, it seems a shame to wait 6 months for it to be worn send it over here, the temperature is dropping fast, very wintery this morning!

  3. Stunning and - dare I say - quite commercial, and VERY desirable. Well done.

  4. Wow! You've done a wonderful job, and haven't you done well - a major piece, AND something you'll feel great wearing! What a stunning model your niece made too!

    Happy Christmas Julie

  5. Fabulous! great inspiration and it looks gorgeous, wish I had one, it's just turned really cold in the UK.
    Thanks so much for dropping in on my diploma blog, it's great to get feedback.
    PS brilliant model :-)

  6. What a stunning set of accessories. I love seeing how they progressed from your design work.

  7. Brilliant progression from your original inspiration to finished pieces - they look great.