Friday, November 4, 2011

Many paws make more work

Sammy's never been one for coming into my studio ... until recently.  Now I can't get him out.
He decided he wanted to come in and help me.
We call him the QA Controller, as he always has to check out everything we do, usually after we've gone he snoops around and does his final inspection, but this day he decided to sit with me and make sure I was doing my sewing to his standards. 
He seems quite pleased with it.  Not sure I'm happy about him sitting on my work.  It's nice to have him share my day with me, and have big cuddles, but not a good thing when the item you're working on is a black woollen shawl.
But with a moochy "kiss me mummy" face like that, how could I ever be cross with him.


  1. Awww, it would be rather hard to resit.

  2. He's beautiful, I wouldn't be able to resist him either!

  3. Sammy is adorable! I was thinking about your gorgeous black assessories while I have been doing my hand applique onto black fabric, and wondering if you had the same problem of every tiny bit of fluff showing - well now I know that you must be struggling even more to keep your work fluff and cat hair free!!

  4. Sammy must have suddenly realised what an interesting place your studio is :)

  5. Cats understand everything with a look... you can never ask them to leave. I have just adopted two cute kittens who interrupt every aspect of my work. They wash their whiskers on my ironing board, wrestle my samples to the floor, love 'sorting' through my silks and best of all dragging all sorts of interesting things from my fabric stash, giving me renewed inspiration.

  6. How lovely to see photos of Sammy with those beautiful blue eyes, he's so handsome. Monty keeps himself to himself but on the days I've been at home Leo has come to sit near me and his favourite place has been on the kitchen table while I try to work on it! It's lovely to have them helping though xx