Sunday, May 24, 2009

Module 2 - City and Guilds

Module 2 was all about shape, and based on the industrial theme, which was hardly inspiring, but as I got into it I found lots of interesting shapes, and as is the point with these courses, it really does make you look at everything with new eyes. When I researched the definition of "shape" I came across words I'd never heard of before ... a frustum? a toroid? an ovoid? Oh crikey, what was I in for?
Hubby took me around loads of industrial areas to photograph everything and anything, until we were run off one site by a burly security guard, then in the end I settled on items in hubby's workshop ... spanners, vices, lathes etc ... loads to choose from and right on my doorstep too. My chosen shapes were a set of spanners, and its amazing what you can do with them using computer photo software ... I had great fun!
I find the DMC Cross-stitch software (about $20 from Officeworks) is brilliant for charting your designs. I used it for the cross-stitch and assissi patterns, and also for the canvas work. Here are some pics of my samples and the chart created in DMC software for my experimental canvas work

My resolved piece.

By the end of Module 2 I still felt out of my comfort zone and running blind, but I was in this now and there was no going back.

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