Sunday, May 24, 2009

Module 3 - City and Guilds

Colour and applique were the subjects for Module 3, and my primary source was Viking/Anglo Saxon artwork.
I'd touched on colour theory in art classes I'd taken a few years back, and I love history and was fascinated with the Vikings/AS, especially when I found out all about the Sutton Hoo discovery in England, so these two were great ... the applique, not so!
Although I love patchwork and quilting, especially Baltimore quilts, loving it and being good at it are two different things. I'd done some applique in the past but it just wasn't on the top of my favourite things to do list. Oh well, as Meatloaf says "two out of three ain't bad"... so I plodded on. Below are some of my designs based on brooches and shields that I found in various books.

These developed into my samples: (1) applique using various materials including paper, metal, rubber, fabric, felt, beads, ribbon;

(2) reverse applique using polar fleece fabric; and

(3) reverse applique using 4 layers of cotton fabric. I found it hard to stitch the circles in a circular shape, as the fabric was fraying ... this will take some practice!
This piece was my second experimental piece based on the line design from Module 1. Created by appliquing foils, buttons, fabric, seracin and threads to a base fabric.

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