Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Module 4 - City and Guilds

The criteria for Module 4 was Landscape and Geological Form, so I chose Fossils. This module also covered "Texture" and "Smocking".
We had to draw basic shapes from our chosen theme; colour various pieces of paper in a grey scale; then fill in our basic drawings using torn or cut shapes from our grey scaled papers. These were then cut up and exploded to create new designs. I enjoyed this.

We were also required to create texture pieces by tearing, cutting, and arranging paper using both plain and painted tonal papers.

Then came the embroidered samples: firstly, there were general smocking samples to create ...

... then onto the experimental pieces. My first experimental piece was created by smocking on 3 pieces of a checker patterned cotton fabric. I then replicated the smocking stitches directly onto the background fabric as surface embroidery inbetween the 3 smocked pieces. Painted squares were then randomly stamped on the background fabric to bring the fabric pattern into the design as a whole, these were then highlighted with stitches down two sides of the painted squares. It's a very uniformed design, but I am happy with it.

My second experimental sample was, once again, based on my line design from Module 1. This was created using reverse smocking on a multicoloured cotton fabric, embellished with beads and cord, with smocked suffolk puffs which were filled with buttons. I tend to always use the same colours for a lot of my work, but this time I used these happy colours and I'm pleased with the outcome.

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