Monday, June 1, 2009

Module 5 - City and Guilds

I loved this module!
Module 5 was based on "Form" centred around "media" and the techniques used were "quilting".
I decided to choose logo's as my media primary source, and spent hours on the computer searching for logo's which could be manipulated by duplicating, inverting, cropping, expanding, to create multiple patterns, not dissimilar to wall paper patterning, in fact some of the patterns created reminded me of the copper panelling they used in the Edwardian era (or was it Victorian era?).
Here are a few samples of my design sheets:
This one tickled me, as I found it under a sex therapy website ... and NO! I wasn't on the site for any other reasons. As it turned out, this was the best logo of all, as it created the most amazing patterns. Cropping the logo made it into something entirely different again. I could've gone on for months using this technique, it was wonderful and I'm sure I'll use the principles of it again in the future.
This design sheet was based on the Thai Airlines logo ...

and this one was from an online encyclopedia. When this was cropped, duplicated, and manipulated the patterns reminded me of old Dutch tiles.
I was only supposed to do 6 samples, but ended up submitting 18. I just couldn't stop! So I would encourage anyone to have a go at this technique ... you'll be hooked in no time.
Of course, along with the design section of the module, we had to research artists who use Form; and collect information on the history and techniques of quilting. Again, I could've spent the rest of my life on this module as its endless, and I had a great time with it.
Our embroidered samples had to be created using different quilting techniques and the designs from the logos.
My first sample was english quilting, on a patterned cotton fabric, using the Thai Airlines logo.

My next sample was Italian/Corded Quilting. This is one of my favourites, although it was a little painful on my fingers trying to pull the needle and cords through a tight fit. Not sure that I'm masochistic enough to do a whole quilt!
Sample 3 was Trapunto or otherwise known as Stuffed Quilting. I like the effects this technique and the corded quilting techniques create. I'm a sucker for the old fashioned white quilts that are all about texture.
Then it was onto Shadow Quilting. I used Batiste for the top layer, and voile for the bottom layer, then threaded DMC tapestry wools through the layers to give the subtle colour shading. I've done shadow trapunto in the past, so again I thoroughly enjoyed this sample.
Next was Suffolk Puffs, or Yoyo's. I did two samples for this technique. The first was based on all the suffolk puffs being of the same size, and stitched together in a grid format. A bit boring!
and the second one was using a green and black polyester/silk fabric with varying size suffolk puffs, stitched onto a black cotton background with a running stitch embroidered all around to bring it all together. Another sample that I'm pleased with. I was sorry when this module ended ... oh well! need to push on ... still another 7 modules to get through!!!!!


  1. Hey I never knew you could do that in Word. I've just had a little go and its easy isn't it? Now there is NO chance of me getting much more work done this afternoon! As I am on my shape module now and have to do borders as my very next task this is indeed a serednipitous find.

  2. Interesting to see how different tutors interpret C & G. Sian uses Sea and Sky for this type of work.

  3. This is just stunning, I am going to be hooked too, there is definately loads of scope for tangles here :) Think you may have started something now!!!!

  4. Oh my good god I just had a go at this this is amazing, so teaching this to my kids in school - you clever madam you!!!!

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