Tuesday, June 30, 2009

More of Module 5 & bits and pieces

I'm still busy plodding along with the wall hanging samples and trying to put together my Module 7 submission, and have nothing of note to post at the moment, so I thought I'd include a few other snippets from the course as well as my own hand embroidery.
Part of our Module 5 submission was to present our work in a 3D format. We were given ideas of using: a wine rack; a mobile; a box format etc. I didn't want to go down the track of something the tutor had suggested and wanted to come up with an idea that was completely my own. As usual it took a few weeks for the cogs in my brain to start working, then one day I spotted a little caboose in a magazine and WHAM! the idea was planted.
I built a cardboard and paper mache train and caboose to hold my research and design pieces in, like a moving filing cabinet, and called it the "City and Guild Express". It took me a long time to work out the size to a scale that would enable the caboose to hold A4 sized documents in a landscape format, and I had to mock up loads of paper samples before I started on cardboard.
As usual with anything that I do, it took me AGES to finish it, but I was really chuffed with the end result. The wheels are wooden teddy bear making joints fixed with split pins and actually move as you push the train.
It has so many layers of paper glued to it, along with paint and varnish, that its really quite sturdy. My tutor replied by saying that there's not a lot of submissions that make her smile, but this did!
It now sits with pride in my work studio and will one day be handed over to my grandson to put his toys in, and no doubt destroy, as only little boys can do!
I also thought I'd show a few gift tags I've been steadily making over the past year or so. I thought they'd be nice to give to special family and friends, and also for labeling jars of buttons, ribbons, pins etc. Here are a few examples. I've sold a few through a local gift shop .... do you think if I put them on Etsy anyone would be interested?


  1. Hi Julie I am just sitting with Freya while she does some painting and I thought I would have a look at some of your older blog entries. I just LOVE these tags! They are gorgeous and make such a special, lasting gift. Do you still make them? I would love to have a go at making one. Did you sell many at the local shop? Sarah

  2. Oh and the train is just so adorable! Must have taken you hours and hours. It reminds me of the Hogwarts Express in Harry Potter. It makes me think I should step up my efforts somewhat and try to be more inventive!