Sunday, June 14, 2009

Module 7 - City and Guilds

I'm currently working on this module, and nearly finished (even though I've been "nearly" finished for the past 6 weeks!). This module is furthering our colour theory and submitting our working design for a wall hanging.
I like colour, and I'd like to think I understand colour - to a point, but I swear you could do a 4 year uni degree trying to fully understand it all .... its like trying to understand the universe.
Here's a sheet I did on simultaneous contrast using different tones and hues of green (do you have any idea how long it took me to cut out all the different greens from magazines!?)Then it was onto simultaneous contrast using the three primary colours and their complementarys.
I also prepared simultaneous contrast sheets for the three primary and three secondary colours, using patterned backgrounds. I've only shown the blue/orange one here .... didn't want to send you to sleep.

This is using a black patterned background for the 3 primary and 3 secondary colours, and I was starting to go a bit bozz-eyed by the end of the day.
I did a number of examples of warm and cool colour schemes too, here's one example.

We are also required to submit examples of hues: I chose blue through to yellow.
Using green as my chosen colour, I then did an example of chroma, from bright to dull.
I have to submit my working design for a wall hanging and must incorporate my Anglo Saxon/Viking designs along with my colour theory as well as using manipulated fabric ... and have been struggling to bring it all together.
So far I've worked a small sample of hand stitching a Viking design using metallic gold threads and purple silk threads. The photo below is the actual sample piece, and the one beneath that is the same piece but photographed without a flash ... creating an image that I really like. Somehow it appears more magical ...

Of course, after originally thinking I'd do the design in blues/purples/golds and black, I've now changed my mind and decided on a completely different colour scheme ... stayed tuned for that one!
For the manipulated fabric I've had another attempt to create the A/Saxon cross, and this time have created it using layers of muslin soaked in a diluted PVA glue solution and moulded around my felt cross mould. I like this better than the paper piece, and think it will paint up easier. I've yet to try the painting .... that's tomorrow's chore!

I'd also like to take this opportunity to thank Helen, Karen, Jane and Anne for chatting to me and sharing your C&G experiences .... I really needed it and appreciate you all taking the time to chat to me. It was the encouragement I needed to pick me up and stop me feeling like I was treading water, so many thanks once again.

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