Saturday, May 21, 2011

A good week

I had an inspirational week last week.  My Monday class at Needle Ny-dle Noo in North Perth flew by.  I love teaching and the time went so fast.
They are a nice group of ladies and after a shaky start in week one they all settled into their embroidery with renewed confidence.  The first week was daunting as they were stitching the badgers body and basically, it just looks a bit of a blob until the head goes on.
This week they started on the face and once an eye and his nose was stitched on ... voila! - he got personalilty and they all relaxed and started to like their wee badgers.
Next week is the final week where we put on the stumpwork leaves and berries.  Poor ladies will be cursing me this week, as I gave them a lot of homework to do. 
Wednesday was the Craft Show.  My friend zoomed around 7 aisles in 2 hours whereas it took me 2 hours to do 2 aisles.  I vowed I wouldn't spend much as there wasn't really much I needed, but of course, I came home with arms like an orangutan dragging bags laden with things I just might need one day.
One of the highlights of the show was the exhibitioin by WAFTA.  An amazing canopy of shibori dyed silk pieces, all stitched together.
The colours and designs of the dyeing were inspiring, and it was just beautiful to stand underneath it and see the light shining through it.
I've included a photo of the explanation of the piece, hope you can read it okay.
In summary it is 26 metres long, by 2.25 metres wide, contains 143 French seams, and 84 metres of seams in total, and 144 silk pieces in all.
Well done to the ladies in WAFTA. 

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  1. Hi Julie your class looks great, I wish I could join you and sew a badger, he is so adorable. And that craft show looks amazing too. I love the pictures. I plan to go to the Festival of Quilts in August. I am just sad because funnily enough, none of my friends (or husband) want to come with me! I think I will need to take some spending money too, everything is just too tempting. I thought I had emailed you my address but perhaps it didn't send, (I used my ipad which seems to be less reliable) so here it is: I would love to hear from you re. coursework etc. I am pleased to report that I am submitting module 2 tonight, finally! We are off to Crete on Tuesday for a week so I wanted it finished before we go. Hope to hear from you soon and good luck with the classes. Sarah xx