Sunday, March 7, 2010

Crabfest 2010

I had a day off on Saturday and hubby and I went with friends to the Mandurah Crabfest.  This is an annual event held over 2 days with lots of entertainment, food, and fun to celebrate the crabs that Mandurah is famous for.
The weather was hot, but it didn't stop families coming out for the celebrations and the foreshore was full of people and the atmosphere was great.
We decided against eating crabs this year, and instead I opted for fish and chips with a nice glass of cold wine ...

and hubby had the most unusual ploughman's lunch I've ever seen, but he said it was nice.
These are the blue manna crabs that we get in the waterways around Mandurah ... not much meat on them, but yummy all the same ...
We saw this crab on the rocks at the foreshore ... no idea of what type of crab he is, but he looks like the meanest crab I've ever seen ... and I think he's a bit boz-eyed too!!!
They had lots of food stalls set up and I couldn't resist a jar of decadent passionfruit sauce for my icecream .... delish!!
I usually have a go on the sideshow stalls, but this year I couldn't be bothered ... it was just too hot  ....
We walked along the foreshore where I often take the dog, and were surprised to see Black Swans in the water.  There's usually no end of pelicans to be seen around town, but the swans are usually in the estuary, so it was a pleasant sight to see them at the foreshore for a change.  Dolphins are also common and follow the pleasure boats, but we weren't lucky enough to see any today.
We always get loads of white cockatoos in the Moretan Bay Fig Tree's and they didnt' disappoint today ... so cheeky and noisy .....
This picture I had to include ... as always I was armed with my camera in case I found anything suitable for design work, and I took a picture of the sun shining off the water ... I just love the "star" shapes its formed ....
and last but not least, I also had to include a photo of an unwelcome visitor waiting for us at home.  This is the second Huntsman Spider I've had in the house lately. They are HUGE and HAIRY and definitely SCARY, but I did manage to kill it.  The hot weather's been bringing them out in abundance ... all I can say is roll on winter !!!!!!!!

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  1. How lovely to see bright sparkly sunshine - the sun shone here today but the ground in our garden was still frozen in places all day! It's really interesting to see what you've been up to - that passionfruit sauce looks good though it's far too cold here for me to contemplate ice-cream! xx