Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Module 9 Wall Hanging

Before commencing my wall hanging I decided to finish off my crazy patchwork sample to be a stand alone sample, finished as a mini quilt.  I did this with the folded star window, but didn't quite get the corners of the  binding right, so I tried again, determined to master the mitred corners.  Think I've got it.
Then I added a sleeve at the back so that I can insert a rod and hang  it up for display.
After procrastinating for a few days I finally took a deep breath and started to work on the Anglo Saxon/Viking inspired wall hanging.  I don't feel good about this design, just feel that I haven't got it to come together like I want it to, but its early days, so we'll see where it leads.
To start I made a polystyrene mould of the cross I want for the centre of the design, and glued cord to create an impression in the finished cast.
I then covered the mould with water soluble paper, pressing it into the grooves I'd made, and leaving it to dry for 2 days.  Now its done I have to colour it.  Of course I'd like to paint it, but the whole thing would dissolve ... Duh! so I'll have to go with a wax or something.  This'll need some thinking about ...
... and the hardest part is - I can't even have chocolate to help me through the frustration, as I've taken a vow of abstinence, in the bid to lose weight.  By the end of the week I'll be ready to throttle something.

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