Monday, March 15, 2010

Lazy weekend

It was so hot and humid on the weekend that none of us had the energy to do anything, other than laze around the pool and relax.  We had a little bit of rain which lasted all of about 4 minutes and was over before we realised what it was ... its been so long since we saw rain we've forgotten what it looks like.  I love the smell of first rain after a hot spell, steamy and sweet, but all it did was make it more humid and uncomfortable and zap everyone of the energy to do anything.
We had a welcome guest in the garden who was enjoying the sunshine on Sunday morning ...
He had the most iridescent green spots on his back and was just lovely to watch.  Surprisingly he was sitting in the pond, as we usually find them doing a few laps of breaststroke in the pool until the salt water chokes them ... its a summer past time to rescue frogs from the pool filter!
Monday was cooler and down to a pleasant 28C so I was full of the enthusiasm for work once again and managed to finish the last sample of this module.  This is my folded star patchwork sample. 
All the instructions I could find on the net and in books gave the same measurements for this pattern, but when I tried to construct it according to those measurements it didn't work, so I had to adjust it to suit which was a bit frustrating, but at least I managed to finish it.  Now I'm taking a deep breath before throwing myself into the wall hanging.

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