Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Crazy patchwork - Module 9

I finished my crazy patchwork sample today.  It took longer than I'd thought it would, but I'm quite happy with the finished result.
Although crazy quilting always looks a bit haphazard, you do have to do a fair bit of planning and head scratching to get it balanced and work within the colour schemes.
I think I've achieved that, but as its my first attempt I could be completely off-track, and have absolutely no idea at all .... so I'll leave that to the tutor to assess.
I did enjoy the hand embroidery .... its been ages since I've stitched by hand and I fell straight back into it, like wearing a comfortable pair of slippers.
I've been referring to loads of books I have on different stitch techniques and now I'm inspired to do some samplers of all the different stitches, but it'll have to wait a while ... want to get Module 9 finished first. 
 So that's 6 samples down and only one more to go ....
the last one is a folded patchwork piece.  I've got all the colours and fabrics sorted, and if I can drag myself out of bed early tomorrow I might, just might, get it done in a day.


  1. I keep trying to do some embroidery but I don't really have much patience. Yours are lovely, very neat stitching.

  2. What beautiful flower embroidery - so even and such pretty colours, I love them all, a sampler would be great to do when you have some more time, they are so unusual and it would show them off really well! xx

  3. Beautiful hand embroidery. I love to see precise work like yours. Well done.
    And thank you for visiting my blog too.

  4. I just love this dainty hand embroidery, it charming. It's another thing I would love to have a go at some time. You really are so talented, all of your work is stunning. :-)