Thursday, March 25, 2010

Progression and discharge

Today was a productive day, but a bit slow.  Everything took a long time to do.  I coloured my paper cast of the Saxon cross with Treasure Gold Classic, then rubbed a purple Shiva stick over the raised motifs.  Now I've got to allow 48 hours for the shiva stick to dry.
So whilst that's drying I got on with the background fabric.  I chose a wool plaid for the ground fabric but still wanted to decorate it with pattern, so I took the plunge and used discharge paste for the first time.  I wasn't that silly though and tried it on a scrap piece first, hence the length of time it took me to do everything today.  Lots of time waiting for things to dry, then ironing, then rinsing in water, drying again, pressing again.  I was happy with the result on the test piece so went ahead and did the wall hanging piece, and I'm feeling alright about it.  In fact, I'm starting to get my confidence up now that I've finally got off my butt and started it, for some reason I've been a bit intimidated about this design.
After discharging the wool plaid I still had some discharge paste in the bowl so rather than try and scoop it back into the jar I used it up by playing about on another piece of fabric I had.  This time I used a floral stencil, then using shiva sticks I added coloured stripes randomly across the piece.  I like it, but want to jazz it up a bit more, after I've waited 48 hours for it to dry ... patience is a virtue they say.
I've no idea what I'm going to do with it afterward, but enjoyed playing around and trying new things.

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  1. Although you seem to be talking a slightly foreign language with all the technical stuff, I do love that flower piece very much - but then I do like daisy shapes! The colours are lovely too xx